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Sari plates will be completely set, just learn this method of pressing
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Sari plates will be completely set, just learn this method of pressing

Slim Look In Saree: Saree is Indian wear. The beauty of women in sari adds to the charm, but nowadays girls are rarely seen wearing sari. Most of the women wear sari only on any function or festival. In such a situation, she goes to the parlor and wears a sari. However, many times there is no time to go to the parlor or you are in a place where there is no parlor nearby, then hours are wasted in wearing a saree. The most difficult thing in tying a sari is in making a plate. If the plates of the saree are not made well, then the look is also not good. In such a situation, even after fixing it several times, the sari does not get the look that you want. That’s why today we are telling you a very simple and effective way to tie a saree. With this, the plates of your saree will remain perfect.

Simple way to tie saree plates

1- You do not have to do anything special for this. Just drape your saree first and make plates.
2- Now pinch the plates of the saree well with a big pin.
3- Now open the sari and set your plates by placing them well on a bed or on a press stand.
4- Now press on the plates and set them properly. The plates will not get damaged at all due to the pins being attached.
5- Now tie the sari again and tuck the pinned plates accordingly.
6- After this also set the plates of your pallu and put a pin. If you want, you can press the pallu in the same way.
7- Now remove the pin of the pallu or pin it with any other pin in a similar blouse.
8- In this way your saree will be perfectly plated and tied tight. Due to which your look will look very slim.
9- This type of saree will look like a readymade saree. You can also carry it easily.
10- The advantage of tying a saree in this way is that you will not be afraid of spoiling or leaving the plates.

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