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Sesame, peanuts, gond laddoos and chikki are eaten in winter, know their advantages and disadvantages here
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Sesame, peanuts, gond laddoos and chikki are eaten in winter, know their advantages and disadvantages here

With the arrival of winter, the trend of eating sesame seeds, peanuts, almonds, gond laddoos, gajak and chikki picks up pace. It is a different pleasure to eat them in the cold season. These are better than all those sweets, which you often see decorated in markets and sweet shops during the festive season. High fat sweets found in sweet shops are injurious to health.

But these laddoos and sweets are very good for health apart from being tasty. Eating these not only gives energy to the body, but these sweets also do the work of providing heat in winters. These can be made comfortably at home in very less time. If you want, you can take these sweets along with you in any journey. Let us know what are the advantages and disadvantages of eating sesame seeds, peanuts, gond laddoos and chikki.

Advantages and disadvantages of jaggery peanut laddoos

< p>Eating peanuts with jaggery in the winter season, that is, eating peanut laddoos, keeps your body’s blood circulation correct. Peanut works to provide heat to your body, so eating it in any form proves beneficial in the winter season, whether you make laddoos or eat it just like that. Eating this also keeps your heart healthy. If you are facing the problem of not digesting food in the winter season, then you can consume laddoos made from a mixture of jaggery and peanuts, it will benefit you. However, do not eat it in excess, because then you may have to face problems like sore throat, skin problems, digestive problems and shortness of breath.  

Advantages and disadvantages of sesame seeds

What do we not do to bring warmth in the body in winter. Many times they also fall ill due to excessive cold. However, if you include sesame seeds in your diet, it will undoubtedly prove beneficial. Eating sesame laddoos in winter not only gives heat to the body, but also boosts immunity 

Advantages and disadvantages of gond ke laddoos

Gond ke laddoos are our They work to remove many problems of the body. Doctors often suggest pregnant women to eat this, because it works to remove their physical weaknesses. Gum laddoos are beneficial for bones. Apart from this, it is also beneficial for increasing immunity, removing anemia, increasing immunity, improving menstrual health, relieving joint pain and constipation. However, excessive consumption of it can cause problems like stomach ache and indigestion. At the same time, heart patients must consult a doctor before consuming it. 

Advantages and disadvantages of chikki

Chikki or Jaggery Patti is a very popular sweet. Usually everyone likes it. Eating this also gives many benefits to the body, such as glowing skin, keeping diabetes under control, getting rid of heart-related problems, strengthening the nervous system, helping in the development of the body, etc. Everyone should eat chikki in winter. However, consume it in moderation on a daily basis, consuming too much of it can also upset your stomach.

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