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Shri Krishna was not like this, the lord of sixteen arts, this yoga was present in the horoscope, know the story of birth
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Shri Krishna was not like this, the lord of sixteen arts, this yoga was present in the horoscope, know the story of birth

Janmashtami 2022: The festival of Janmashtami is dedicated to Lord Krishna. Lord Krishna was born on this day. The planets present in his horoscope at the time of birth made him the master of sixteen arts.

Birth of Lord Shri Krishna (Krishna Janmashtami)
In the Bhagavata Purana, the birth of Lord Krishna has been described through this verse-

Srishuk Uvach
Ath Sarvagunopetah Kaal: Paramshobhanah.
Yehyevajanamakshana Shantarakshagrahatarakam 1
Direction: Prasedurganam Nirmaloduganodayam.
Mahi MangalbhuyishtapurgramVrajakara 2 .
Nadya: Prasannasalila Hrada Jalruhasriyah.
Dwijalikulasannadastavaka Vanrajaya: 3

Meaning- Shukdev ji says that when Lord Krishna was born, it appeared that a pleasant time with auspicious qualities had come. Rohini was the constellation. All the constellations, planets and stars in the sky became calm and gentle. Directions were clean, happy. The stars were shining in the clear sky. The big cities of the earth, small villages etc., mines of diamonds etc. were becoming auspicious. The water of the rivers had become pure. Lotus was blooming in the lakes even at night. The leaves in the forest were laden with colorful flowers. Somewhere the birds were chirping, and somewhere the bumblebees were humming.

Lord Shri Krishna’s birth chart (Shri Krishna Kundli)
It is believed that Lord Krishna was born on Ashtami Tithi in Bhado Krishna Paksha, at that time it was 12 o’clock in the night. The horoscope of Lord Krishna is of Taurus ascendant, the Moon was exalted in the ascendant. In astrology, Moon is considered to be the lord of 16 arts. Due to the high position of the moon, Lord Krishna was a master of 16 arts.

Names of 16 Kalas (16 Kala of Krishna)

  1. Sreedhan Estate- Wealth is the first art form.
  2. real estate- Real estate has been given a place.
  3. fame-fame- Kirti-fame fame as the third art.
  4. Ela-Vani’s hypnotism- The fourth art is the hypnotism of Ila-Vani.
  5. Leela- The name of the fifth art of Anand Utsav is Leela, it is also Ananda.
  6. radiance- Beauty and Aura: The face which wants to be seen again and again. He is considered to be endowed with the sixth art.
  7. Knowledge- Intellectual Intelligence: The name of the seventh art is Vidya. A person perfected by this stays ahead in success.
  8. Vimala- Transparency: One who does not have deceit in his mind, he is considered to have the eighth art.
  9. ninth art As inspiration is ranked.
  10. Knowledge- Neer Ksheer Vivek: Shri Krishna gave a new direction to the society by introducing Vivek many times.
  11. action- action- Action is placed in the eleventh art form.
  12. Total- Chittalaya: Yoga is placed as the twelfth art.
  13. flow- Extreme Vinaya: The name of the thirteenth art is Prahavi.
  14. truth- Truth: The fourteenth art of Shri Krishnaji is true.
  15. Isna- Possession: The name of Nandlal’s fifteenth art is Isna.
  16. grace- Shri Krishna has got grace in the form of sixteenth art.

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Disclaimer: The information provided here is based on assumptions and information only. It is important to mention here that does not endorse any kind of validation, information. Before applying any information or assumption, consult the concerned expert.

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