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Sleeplessness: Children keep awake at night, then follow these methods, then they will sleep peacefully

Sleeplessness: Children keep awake at night, then follow these methods, then they will sleep peacefully

Sleeplessness: Sleep is very important for everyone. If you do not get enough sleep at night, you feel tired and lethargic throughout the day. It also leads to many other health related problems. If sleep is not complete, then problems like mood swings, irritability, depression, stress are seen. In such a situation, there is an adverse effect on physical and mental health. The same problem happens with children as well. That’s why health experts also believe that getting enough sleep is very important for a healthy body. So today in this article we are going to tell you about the ways to overcome the problem of sleeping in children-

Remedies to overcome the problem of sleeplessness in children

set a bedtime

Children do not have the problem of sleeplessness, so it is very important to inculcate a certain habit of sleeping. If your bat is less than 10 years old, encourage him to sleep, and set a bedtime for him. By doing this, sleep starts coming on its own time.

Know the reason for falling asleep

What happens many times is that children are unable to sleep due to fear. So if your child is also losing his sleep due to fear, then remove his fear. For this, you can also tell a good positive and happy story to the children.

create sleep environment

If your children are having trouble sleeping, create a conducive environment for it. For this, you can dim the light of the room, give books to children to read or you can play some calming music.

don’t let kids sleep during the day

Sometimes the child is not able to sleep at night because he sleeps during the day. In such a situation, do not let the children sleep during the day to make them sleep at night.

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