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'Slow down method' is of great use, say goodbye to stress by adopting it, just put brakes on these works
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‘Slow down method’ is of great use, say goodbye to stress by adopting it, just put brakes on these works

Wellness: In this race of competition, everyone’s life has become full of rush. While there are physical problems due to this, there is no less mental danger as well. It mainly causes depression and stress. To get rid of this, there is a need to put brakes on some work and there is a need to adopt your ‘slow down method’.

What is Slow Down Method

Here, taking a break in work does not mean that you get free from your schedule or spend less time with friends and family. Here the meaning of slow down is to brake or slow down those tasks, which increases the workload on your routine and which is potentially causing your stress.

slow down method

By adopting the slow down method, you live the present moment to the fullest and can remain free from stress. It can also be called Mindfulness Practice. The positive effect of this method reduces the anxious feelings and you remain free from stress. Know about the methods of slow down method…

  • Make sure the morning routine (Morning Routine)- Practicing a morning routine is the easiest way to simplify your life. How your whole day will be, its effect is largely on the morning routine. Try morning walks and meditation for rest and stability throughout the day. Even prepare and choose the clothes to wear in the morning only at night. This will naturally reduce one decision among many to be made in the morning.
  • Give a break to mobile (Reduce Your Screen Time)Nowadays, the mobile phone in our hand is not only a means of entertainment, but it has become an important part of work. It needs to be given a little break. That’s why you should keep the notifications and reminders coming continuously, which are the main reason for stress. Especially there is something in your phone, for which you access the phone again and again, it is in your mental well-being to remove it.
  • Practicing GratitudeFeel grateful for the effort made by reflecting on the past actions in the present moment. There are many ways to practice gratitude that can bring you peace of mind. Even taking deep breaths throughout the day is part of practicing gratitude.
  • Stop To MultitaskingStudies done on multitasking have shown that it causes mental stress. So practice staying focused on one task at a time. It will be a slow progress towards work, but in reality your work will prove to be more efficient and quality. Along with this, mental stress will also stay away.
  • Set boundaries along with time (Time Management)- If you are working with a colleague who sends emails, calls or gives work after work, late in the evening or even on vacation, then it can be harmful to your balanced life. Along with this, it also causes stress. So set communication boundaries regarding your work and stick to the schedule. This is very important for mental peace.
  • Recharge yourself with spirituality Everyone is familiar with the power of spirituality. When you find yourself confused somewhere, a situation of tension and confusion starts to build up, then take the help of spirituality. Through spirituality, you can reduce your stress, for this study of mythological texts, meditation, motivational messages can also be helpful.

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Disclaimer: The information provided here is based on assumptions and information only. It is important to mention here that does not confirm any kind of recognition, information. Before implementing any information or belief, consult the relevant expert.

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