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Some start playing games and then get addicted to it.. Why get addicted to online games?

Some start playing games and then get addicted to it.. Why get addicted to online games?

Online Gaming Addiction: We start playing any online or mobile game. We like the game, we start giving more time to the game. After this, when this game becomes an addiction, it is not known. Game addiction is also called gaming disorder. You will be surprised to know that in the year 2018, the World Health Organization (WHO) included gaming disorder in the category of international disease. According to WHO, if you have gaming disorder, you need to get checked and treated by a doctor.

Why does online game addiction occur?

According to a report by the Addiction Center, video games affect your brain in the same way that drugs do. They release dopamine in your body. It is a chemical that reinforces your behavior. This is the reason that playing online games becomes an addiction for you. The study shows that people who are addicted to online games believe that they get the experience of adventure by playing games. Along with this, they go away from the problems of real life by playing the game. Also, some simply play it as a hobby.

What is gaming disorder

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People who suffer from gaming disorder find it difficult to decide how much time they will spend playing digital games. They consider playing games more important than their important work. Gradually, due to playing more games, it also starts to have a negative effect on their behavior. Gaming disorder is a behavioral disorder. Statistics show that games like PubG and Call of Duty were hot favorites of youth in India. People with gaming disorder play them more.

Symptoms of gaming disorder

According to the WHO definition, people suffering from gaming disorder have the following symptoms for at least 12 months.

  • Do not control the habit of playing games
  • Prioritizing gaming over other tasks
  • Can’t stop playing games despite negative effects
  • Affecting studies, jobs and relationships

gaming disorder treatment

If you ignore all the things mentioned above and keep on playing the game, then within 12 months you may get addicted to it. This also affects your mental health. If you see gaming addiction in yourself or someone special, then contact the doctor.

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