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Soundarya, MC Stan and Sreejita became the new captains of the house, know- 79th day update of Bigg Boss house
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Soundarya, MC Stan and Sreejita became the new captains of the house, know- 79th day update of Bigg Boss house

Bigg Boss 16 Day 79 Written Updates: The 79th day of Bigg Boss begins with the anthem. Even at 10 o’clock all the family members are sleeping. Bigg Boss keeps playing Kukdu Ku again and again. At the same time, Sumbul tries to wake up all the family members by playing the plate. While Tina tells Sambul not to make noise, Sumbul says that being the captain, tell the rest of the family why they are sleeping. After this Tina picks up the rest of the family. Later, Bigg Boss’s voice comes and says that Shiv, Sajid and Nimrit are unwell and they need to sleep, but Ankit and many other family members are sleeping under the guise of this.

While Archana is seen crying, she tells Priyanka that she has a shoulder to cry on, but I will see when she leaves. Archana says that she has come alone and will go alone. At the same time, Shiva explains to Archana that you do not need anyone’s shoulder. You alone are heavy on the whole house.

Bigg Boss did the task of captaincy
After this, Bigg Boss calls all the family members to the living area. Bigg Boss makes Soundarya and Vikas the captains. On the other hand, Bigg Boss says that if Abdu is not staying in the house, other family members will have to claim the captaincy. For this, Bigg Boss gets the task done. In this, Vikas and Soundarya have been made the bosses of the office and the rest of the family will be employees. Employees call the boss of the office and tell why he should be made captain. The boss can fire any contestant he wants, the one who survives will become the captain along with Soundarya and Vikas.

Vikas fired before becoming captain
In the first round, Vikas and Soundarya remove Sumbul and Ankit from the claim of captaincy before mutual consent. In the second round, there is no mutual agreement between Vikas and Soundarya to fire Estee Stan. After this, Big Boss says that it has been a long time and they are not able to reach a decision and how can I give the responsibility of running the house in the hands of such a captain.

Bigg Boss asks the housemates to take a decision and evict either Vikas or Soundarya. Most of the housemates take the name of Vikas and they get fired even before becoming the captain. After this, Boss Soundarya throws Priyanka and Tina out of the captaincy race in the second round. Shaleen and Archana fire in the third round. In the fourth round, Soundarya fires Nimrit and Shiv. In the last round, Soundarya fires Sajid. After this, Stan and Sreejita along with Soundarya become the new captains.

Sajid asked Soundarya the reason for firing
While Sajid discusses with Soundarya that I gave you the claim of captaincy by leaving my letter to you, but you only fired me. Soundarya says that she wanted to make Stan only. On this Sajid says that but you had another choice. Soundarya says that I want to give a chance to Sreejita as well. After this Sajid says that I am not convinced by your answer. Later, everyone asks Nimrit why did you take Stan’s name. During this, Sajid and Shiv’s trust on Nimrit seems to be breaking.

Archana said that Priyanka’s groom should leave the house now.
After this, Stan, Sreejita and Soundarya share the duties together. While Archana Nimrit and Sumbul talk about Priyanka and Ankit. Archana says that I will be happy on the day when her groom will go out of the house. On this Nimrit says me too because if we had known then we too would have brought our groom. On the other hand, Archana tells Soundarya that she wishes that Priyanka should never become the captain and that her wish should remain the same. After this Apchana and Soundarya hug each other and forget their grievances. With this, the 78th day episode of Bigg Boss ends.

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