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Start milk products business with Amul, you will get strong returns in short time.

Start milk products business with Amul, you will get strong returns in short time.

Amul Franchise Business: The demand for dairy products remains in the market for 12 months of the year. You can earn lakhs by starting the business of dairy products like milk, curd, ice cream etc. Amul, the country’s largest dairy product maker, has brought a great employment opportunity for the people. The company offers Amul Franchise to crores of traders across the country. In such a situation, you can earn well by joining this dairy business. If you also want to take this franchise, then we are giving information about the process of getting it. Along with this, we are giving information about the earning on this.

How much to invest for Amul Franchise?

Let us tell you that if you want to take Amul’s franchise (AMUL Franchise Business), then for this you will have to invest at least 2 to 5 lakh rupees. For this you have to first contact Amul Dairy. Only after this a person can open an outlet of Amul. After this, you have to find a place where your business can gain momentum. This place should be of 100 square feet. After this you will have to pay Rs 25,000 as security money. After this you have to spend money for the product. Apart from this, some money will have to be spent on the renovation of the shop.

Know how much will be earned-

It is worth noting that Amul pays commission to its shopkeepers on the MRP of each product. In such a situation, if you sell milk, then you get a commission of 10 percent on it. At the same time, up to 20 percent commission is available on ice cream. Apart from this, up to 50 percent commission can be received on different products of Amul such as shakes, hot chocolate drinks. In such a situation, you can get a commission of up to Rs 1 lakh every month by selling Amul’s products.

Learn the process of application of Amul’s franchisee-

To open Amul’s franchise, you have to apply at Apart from this, you can visit scooping parlors for more information in this regard. The most important feature of this business is that there is less possibility of loss in it.

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