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Sunil Pal, furious at the unusual style of Urfi Javed, said- 'Behna is a woman's jewel'
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Sunil Pal, furious at the unusual style of Urfi Javed, said- ‘Behna is a woman’s jewel’

Sunil Pal Lashes Out on Urfi Javed: Urfi Javed dominates social media due to her unusual dressing style. He is also trolled a lot for his strange clothes. A woman objected to the clothes and semi-nude look of social media sensation Urfi Javed, saying that a fatwa should be issued against the TV actress. The woman also talked about the arrest of Urfi. After which Urfi shared the video and photos of the woman on her Instagram story. Amidst all this, now famous comedian Sunil Pal has targeted Urfi.

Urfi is playing with our holy Muslim name
Let us tell you that Sunil Pal has posted a video. Through this video of his, he said that Urfi needs to be explained. Sunil Pal says in the video, “Yaar Yeh urfi Javed is mad. I would like to thank the woman who did the FIR against Urfi Javed. Because I have been watching Urfi for a long time. I think she wanted such a case to be made against her so that she would come in the discussion. Even if it is illegal. Wearing less clothes, took the name Urfi Javed. I don’t like the way she is playing with our holy Muslim name.”

used to be nude to be in the news urfi
Sunil Pal further says in the video, “I think everyone should come together and explain to that sister. Don’t punish him, tell him that son, work hard. Work, learn. By performing this body, you can get success for two to four days by performing the organ, but you are not going to get any peak from it. But it seems to me that this is what she wanted. Because there was discussion, so deliberately used to wear less clothes. She used to be nude to be in the news. I understand that she has come with a very wrong intention to earn her name in this profession. Whatever your circumstances may have been. You could work hard. Many girls have come forward by working hard. You don’t do urfi like this. You want to eat barfi with such sloppiness or it can’t happen. So brother, improve yourself, work hard. Thank the sister who complained against you that you have got a little name. As a brother, I will tell you that if Urfi goes out on the road, then wear clothes. Sister wears clothes, flowing is a shame a woman’s jewel. Got it. All the best.”

Sudhanshu Pandey also targeted
Well this is not the first time that a celeb has targeted Urfi Javed. Earlier, ‘Anupama’ fame actor Sudhanshu Pandey had also raged on Urfi’s strange dressing style. However, Urfi also responded by reversing him. Now it has to be seen what the social media sensation responds to this video of Sunil Pal.

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