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The essence of life is hidden in these 36 things of Bhishma Pitamah, who has adopted his fleet
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The essence of life is hidden in these 36 things of Bhishma Pitamah, who has adopted his fleet

Mahabharat story: The story of Mahabharata is incomplete without Bhishma Pitamah. When the description of the warriors of Mahabharata comes, then the name of Bhishma Pitamah is taken with great respect. Bhishma Pitamah was on the side of Kaurava’s army and he was the first commander. They were bound by bondage. Which he performed till his last breath, but Bhishma Pitamah’s affection was towards the Pandavas.

Bhishma told these things to Yudhishthira
According to the legend, before leaving the body, Bhishma Pitamah had told Yudhishthira 36 very important things, which everyone should know. Those who follow these things, they get success in every field in life. These things of Bhishma are priceless for those who want to become good bosses, leaders etc.

  1. Be majestic, but avoid glorification and self-indulgence.
  2. Avoid excessive contact with women.
  3. Don’t hold grudge against anyone. Always respect and protect women.
  4. It is useless to have a sense of tenderness with those who behave against the rules.
  5. The king should increase the treasury without incurring cruelty, unnecessary taxes.
  6. One should not give up dignity in the pursuit of pleasures.
  7. There should not be any sense of humility in speech or address.
  8. Your behavior towards others should be clean and honest. There should be humility in it. There should be no degree of hardness..
  9. The king should never take the side of evil people.
  10. Never quarrel with your dear brothers.
  11. Never take important work from a person who does not have patriotism.
  12. The best service is that which does not make anyone feel pain.
  13. The king should be careful about his plans, avoid revealing it to the wicked.
  14. One should not exaggerate one’s own qualities.
  15. One should respect the saints and saints, their wealth should never be snatched away.
  16. Raj should always practice Dharma. There should be no room for bitterness.
  17. One should treat others with love, one should remain a believer.
  18. Be careful in donating, charity should never be received by the ineligible.
  19. Raj should avoid greedy people, they should not be helped by money.
  20. One should not believe those who misbehave.
  21. Raj should always be pure and he should not hate anyone.
  22. Never give shelter to people who have bad conduct and corrupt mindset.
  23. Care should be taken while punishing Raj. No one should be punished without being tested.
  24. Raj should not share secret things or plans with anyone.
  25. The learned, knowledgeable, enlightened people should be respected without any pride.
  26. One should always respect the Guru. One should also serve the Guru.
  27. God should be worshiped selflessly. Only then is the virtue received.
  28. Lakshmi ji should be obtained from those works in which there is no harm in doing.
  29. Before attacking someone, do a complete investigation and information about him. Do not attack without knowing.
  30. Efficiency is the quality of a king. But opportunities should also be taken care of properly.
  31. One should never talk softly to get rid of someone.
  32. If the king is kind to anyone, then do not see the fault in him.
  33. Raj should serve the elders with full devotion and affection.
  34. One should not grieve after killing enemies.
  35. One should control the nature, one should avoid getting angry suddenly.
  36. Proper care should be taken of the diet. Even if it is beautiful and tasty, food that is harmful to health should not be taken.

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Disclaimer: The information provided here is based on assumptions and information only. It is important to mention here that does not endorse any kind of belief, information. Before applying any information or assumption, consult the concerned expert.

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