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These 10 habits of yours can cause kidney damage, be alert in time
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These 10 habits of yours can cause kidney damage, be alert in time

Kidney DamageTo keep the body healthy, it is very important to have a healthy kidney. With its help, we can remove the toxins present in the body. But our eating habits can have a bad effect on the liver. Therefore, it is very important to keep the kidney healthy to keep the body healthy. Today in this article we will tell you about some such habits, due to which liver damage can occur. Let us know which of your habits can cause kidney damage?

overuse of painkillers

If you take more painkillers without consulting a doctor, then it can damage your kidneys. Avoid taking painkillers especially if you already have kidney disease.

high salt intake

A diet high in salt tends to be high in sodium, which can raise blood pressure and in turn damage your kidneys. Flavor your food with herbs and spices instead of salt.

consuming processed foods

Processed foods are high in sodium and phosphorus, which can be very harmful for your kidneys. Apart from this, high phosphorus intake can be harmful for your kidneys as well as bones.

not drinking enough water

To keep the kidney healthy, it is very important to keep the body diet. Especially if you do not drink enough water then you can get kidney stone. So try to drink more and more amount of water.

not getting enough sleep

Good and deep sleep is necessary to keep the kidney healthy. For this, improve the sleeping pattern. Sleep at least 8 hours in 24 hours.

consuming more meat

Excessive consumption of animal protein produces high amounts of acid in the blood which can be harmful to the kidneys and cause acidosis. Therefore, to keep the kidney healthy, avoid consuming more meat.

sugar-rich foods

Sugar can cause obesity. Eating too much sugar can lead to high blood pressure and diabetes. Because of this your kidney may be damaged.


Consuming smoking not only affects the lungs and heart, but it can also damage your kidneys. Consuming high amounts of smoking can lead to protein in the urine which can damage the kidneys.

alcohol abuse

If you consume alcohol daily, then leave this habit of yours. Because of this your kidney may be damaged.

sit for a long time

Sitting for a long time can also damage your kidneys. However, researchers do not yet know why or how sedentary time or physical activity directly affects kidney health.

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