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These problems often come in Apple iPhone, here you will find solution to each problem
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These problems often come in Apple iPhone, here you will find solution to each problem

iPhone Common Problem: iPhone is a premium phone. Its cost is very high, but even in this the users have to face problems. However, these problems can also be solved. Talking about the problem, some users complain about the problem of quick battery drain, while some are troubled by the slow interface. Here we have told about some common problems of iPhone and their solutions.

1. High battery consumption

The biggest complaint of users about the iPhone is the quick battery drain. To solve this problem, turn off the option of background app refresh. With this, the apps running in the background will not use the data and will get better battery performance. You will find this option under General in the Settings of the iPhone. Apart from this, you can check the battery usage in General that which app is consuming the most battery.

2. Slow Interface

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If your iPhone and iPad has become slow, then go to General and click on Settings. Manage storage here. This will end the lag in the iPhone. Delete the unwanted app when it is slow, and it would be better if you keep your phone data on the cloud. Along with this, if you have enabled the Parallax wallpaper, then disable it.

3. Connectivity issue

People often face connectivity problems in Apple iPhone. WiFi is not connected in some iPhone and Bluetooth in some. In this case, keep your phone in airplane mode for 30 seconds and then turn on the phone and connect it. If there is a problem even after this, then go to the setting and reset the network once.

4. Failed Text Message

Apple users also face the problem of message sent failure while using iMessaging. If you are using internet or WiFi and still the problem of message failure is visible in iMessage, then reset it. If the problem still persists, force restart your iPhone once.

5. Having trouble syncing

If you are facing sync problem, first of all check whether the internet is working properly or not. If the internet is working properly then check whether your iPhone is updated or not. If everything is fine, still the problem is coming, then you remove your Apple account. Then restart the phone and enable the account again.

6. App Crash

If the app is crashing again and again in your iPhone, then the reason for this may be the lack of software update. In this case, update the software, and if it still crashes, report that app.

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