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This app is the best to resize photos, the service will be available for free
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This app is the best to resize photos, the service will be available for free

Internet and technology have made our life easier and better than before. Today we have to fill the form of any university or apply for a job somewhere or make any government document, today we can do all these things through internet sitting at home. Like before, we no longer need to run here and there with our documents. Remember those days when you had to fill long forms to open a bank account and then attach your documents one by one. But today everything has changed due to internet and we can fill our form in minutes sitting at home. Not only the form but we can also upload our documents instantly sitting at home anywhere.

some people crop photos

You must have often noticed that when you fill a form or upload your photo or photo of an event on a website, the website has a default size. If you do not upload the photo in this size, then the photo starts looking distorted or useless. Many times the website does not even accept that photo. To avoid all this, we all use the photo resizer tool. Many people like to crop the photo, then some people compress the photo.

Resize multiple photos at once

Such people who work on the website or write their own blog daily also need to resize the photo. If you want to resize one or two photos, you can post them by cropping or resizing them. But if there is more than one photo, then in doing this work again and again, you get headache and you have trouble. To avoid all this, today we are going to tell you about an application in which you can resize not 100-200 but 1,000 photos at once for free. If you need 10 photos for work, you can also resize 10 photos at once.

Resize photos with the help of this software

To change the size of any photo, you can download the ‘Microsoft Power Toys’ application on your laptop or desktop. This application is absolutely free for window users. To download it, you have to go to the Microsoft Store. On this application, you can resize more than one photo in small, large or custom size according to you.

Resize like this

-If you want to resize more than one photo, then go to the folder where the photos are kept.
– Now select all the photos with the help of Control+A and right click and click on the resize picture. . Now here you will see many options.  Click on any one of these and make the size of the photo the same. If you want, you can also choose the size of the photo according to your choice by choosing custom.

Photo resize can also be done from here

If you do not need to resize more photos, then apart from this application, you can also resize photos online by visiting Apart from this, you can also visit and

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