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This change starts appearing in the body after drinking too much hot water.
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This change starts appearing in the body after drinking too much hot water.

Can hot water damage body: At present, due to the cold, it is getting cold in many parts of the country including North India. People are drinking hot water to avoid the harsh winter and cold waves. Some people are drinking regular hot water. So that the cold air does not touch them. According to diet expert Ashwani H. Kumar of Lucknow Diet Clinic, it is good to drink hot water, but often in cold we drink too much hot water. Because of which many types of problems appear on the body. Not only this, many other problems also start in the body.

damage to the esophagus
Due to drinking hot water, the most effect is on the esophagus. This is the food pipe that connects the mouth and the stomach. By drinking hot water grains start coming out in this pipe. Along with this, burning sensation also starts in it. This pain and burning sensation can last for a long time.

hard stool
By drinking hot water, you must have noticed that the stool becomes hard due to which the problem of constipation starts. Whenever you drink too much hot water, it heats the stomach. This causes the stool to dry up. Apart from this, it can trigger the problem of piles.

body dehydration
This can cause dehydration in the body. Due to this dehydration can happen. Your lips may also become dry and pain may also start in the feet.

upset stomach
Lukewarm water is good for your digestive system, but if you drink excessively hot water, it can prove to be harmful for the body. When you drink it in excess, it can cleanse the digestive system of digestive enzymes. It can also clean the pH and good bacteria of the stomach. Due to which the digestive system of the stomach can also be spoiled.

How much hot water is necessary for the body:

Drink only three glasses of hot water in a day and try not to drink hot, but lukewarm or nominally hot water. Whenever you drink hot water, drink it after having food. With this, your weight will also be under control, you will remain healthy and it is also good for your stomach.

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