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This disease deals with red blood cells, there is frequent lack of blood, read here
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This disease deals with red blood cells, there is frequent lack of blood, read here

Blood loss: Blood is the major medium of oxygen supply in the body. If the blood supply stops, the heart stops beating. Lack of blood is commonly seen in blood cancer. There is also a lack of blood in jaundice. But today we are going to tell you about such a disease. In which blood is never replenished in the body. If this disease becomes fatal, then it can prove to be fatal.

What is Hemolytic Anemia?
There is bone marrow in the body. Red blood cells are made in this bone marrow. It keeps on building up and ends at a time. Bone marrow works to control red blood cells. In hemolytic anemia, red blood cells start dying rapidly, but they are not made as fast. Due to this, the hemoglobin level starts decreasing rapidly in the body. To maintain the blood level, many times the patient needs blood transfusion.

Why does this disease happen?
Autoimmune disease, bone marrow failure, blood transfusion complications, thalassemia, skill cell disease, and other infections can predispose to this disease.

how is identity
Like other diseases, tests are also available to check it. The doctor may conduct physical examination and blood test. Apart from this, bone marrow test and genetic test can also be done for investigation.

How is the treatment
The doctor sees that the level of blood in the person is decreasing. If the hemoglobin has decreased by only one or two points, then doctors try to increase the blood by medicine itself. If the hemoglobin has gone down too much and is not increasing even after taking medicine. Then the doctor may recommend removal of spleen from the liver, blood transfusion and bone marrow transplant.

If you don’t get treatment?
The job of blood is to supply oxygen to all parts of the body. Oxygen works to run every part of the body. For example, if the brain does not get oxygen, then it can stop working. Similarly, if the heart does not get oxygen, it stops beating. If hemoglobin is at a low level, oxygen is not being supplied, then swelling can occur on the body. Fatigue and other problems may occur. This can lead to heart attack.

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