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This is how makeup will look like your favorite Bollywood celebrity

This is how makeup will look like your favorite Bollywood celebrity

Make-up tips to look like Bollywood celebrities: Who does not admire the beauty of the actresses appearing on the big screen. How neatly her make-up is done, it is made on sight. Although many things are necessary to look beautiful with makeup, but by taking care of some basic things, you can get good end result.

The most important thing is to know the skin type –

Know your skin before applying any makeup. Unless the skin type is known, the right products cannot be selected. If you are confused then you can take help of an expert.

After knowing the skin type, choose the products for yourself accordingly. There are different products available for every skin type.

Hydration is essential

Do not forget to hydrate the face properly before applying makeup. No matter how many layers of makeup are applied on the dry face, they do not settle. After washing the mouth properly, apply moisturizer properly, only then start makeup.

Choose shades according to skin tone

For the makeup to be good, it is necessary to do the right base. The right foundation shade is very important for the right base. Apply foundation under your wrist to see if it is getting blunders or not. Apply it and leave it for a while. Choose the right shade of foundation.

The matter will be made from the base –

A makeup look is perfect only when its base is done properly. So choose the right foundation and concealer and apply properly. Always use a blender to blend the base. Use the blender wet only or else the makeup will stick to it.

Gel liner is best

To decorate the eyes, apply mascara and liner and use liner gel. Liner should be applied according to the shape of the eyes. Elevated liner is in trend these days. Take imakeup products water proof only.

long lasting lipstick

To make the lipstick last for a long time, it is necessary to apply lip balm first and remove it after some time. Now after applying lip liner, apply lipstick and apply dab powder in the end. Then apply a layer of lipstick on top of it. Now it will last for a long time.

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