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This is how your device gets hacked, know how to avoid it
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This is how your device gets hacked, know how to avoid it

Device Safety: In the present times, technology has advanced a lot. About which we keep hearing or reading everyday. This technology has made life very easy for all of us, on the other hand it is also harming us in one way or the other. Due to which we need to be careful. All these devices can be more dangerous due to being connected to the Internet. We are going to tell you some tips to avoid them, so that you can take precautions.

How is hacking done?

To hack any device, hackers can hack your mobile, laptop, desktop or any device that can be connected to the Internet. For this, cyber criminals or cyber attackers try to make a dent using email or message. Whenever a user sees something of his choice on the Internet or opens a file or link attached to his email and message, it makes the way for hackers easier.

Camera hacking is the most dangerous

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By the way, it is dangerous to hack the whole device. Because the device contains all the information from your personal to professional. But when hackers take control of your camera too. So it can be very difficult for you. For this, hackers send the link of your interested website through mail. As soon as the user clicks on these links, the website will ask for the RAT (Remote Access Trojan) access in the user’s system and giving the access means ‘leaving the door of your house open for the thief’. Scammers first install spyware on your device. So that your device is completely in their possession.

how to avoid hacking

  • It is quite easy to avoid this, if you take a little care.
  • Do not click on any unknown link.
  • Do not open any mail which is not of your interest.
  • Download any app on your device from official store only.
  • Use the cover for the device’s camera.
  • Always keep your device updated.
  • Do not share your details with anyone.

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