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This is the difference between hair oil and hair serum, use of both is necessary
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This is the difference between hair oil and hair serum, use of both is necessary

How To Use Hair Serum: Hair serum is such a product, about which there is often confusion about how to use it, which people should use it and at what time it is best to use it. Hair related problems increase manifold in the winter season. so often People ask the beautician that how will be the use of hair serum in winter for hair care? If you also want to know the answer to any such question, then here are the important things related to the use of hair serum and hair care.

Those who apply hair serum should not apply hair oil?

Hair serum and hair oil are completely different things and both are not replacement of each other at all. Because hair serum is a product related to hair styling, which along with protecting hair from damage caused by styling, also works to give nourishment. It adds instant shine to the hair so that the hair looks more shiny during hairstyling. While hair oil is necessary for overall growth of hair.

Who should use hair serum?

Everyone can use hair serum. Just you should know which hair serum will be better according to the needs of your hair. To understand this, you can take help from your beautician. because for dry hair Moisturizing serum comes and then different types of nourishing serum for oily hair.

When should hair serum be brought?

Hair serum should always be used in clean hair. When your hair is dry after shampoo, you can use hair serum before styling.

What are the benefits of applying hair serum?

Hair serum nourishes your hair, improves hair shine, increases hair elasticity, controls damage, makes hair soft, and also reduces hair damage due to hair styling.

Can hair serum be used every day?

If you have chosen the right hair serum according to the needs of your hair, then you can apply it every day. Because hair serum does not leave any kind of coating or layer behind. Rather, it is a liquid full of nutrients, which works to provide essential nutrition to the hair.

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