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This was the real reason behind WhatsApp Down, read the company's statement!
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This was the real reason behind WhatsApp Down, read the company’s statement!

WhatsApp Outage: During Diwali holidays, when people were sitting comfortably at home and sending Diwali and other festive messages to their friends and relatives, suddenly on Tuesday (25 October 2022), the popular instant messaging app WhatsApp went down. Around 12 noon on Tuesday, people were facing problem in sending messages on WhatsApp. This outage of sending and receiving messages lasted for a long time. People also complained about this on social media Twitter. Apart from this, people also shared many funny memes on Twitter.

According to the heat map of Downdetector, a website that reports outages and other problems on social platforms, people in Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Bengaluru, Chennai, Hyderabad as well as Nagpur and Lucknow faced this outage. .

META spokesperson statement

After WhatsApp was down, the statement of a spokesperson of Meta also came to the fore. He told Reuters that we know that some users are having trouble sending messages on WhatsApp and we are working to fix it for everyone. However, even after a long time after the arrival of this statement, the services of WhatsApp were not fixed. Let us also tell that WhatsApp has not given any official statement from its side yet.

Services fixed at 2:15

It is reported that WhatsApp was down around 12 o’clock and around 2:15, WhatsApp started working again. Some people were also able to send and receive messages around 2:15.

people were uninstalling and installing whatsapp

Some users got such an illusion that the net is running slow, while some users thought that a new update of WhatsApp has come. In such a situation, some people were uninstalling and installing WhatsApp, while some people were turning on and off Airplane Mode.

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