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This yoga asana is the cure for the problem of piles, if you do it daily, you will get benefit in a week.
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This yoga asana is the cure for the problem of piles, if you do it daily, you will get benefit in a week.

Yoga For Piles:Piles is such a problem which can become serious if left carelessly. Due to this you may have to face a lot of pain, itching, blood loss. You can try some yoga poses along with pain to get relief from this problem. It is possible to get relief by doing these regularly. Let’s know about them.

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Pawanmukt asana is very beneficial for piles patients, this posture is also known as gas removal posture. In this yoga posture, the problem of gas and constipation is removed and people suffering from piles get relief. This asana helps in removing mucus from the body along with stool. Through this asana, there is a lot of relief in back, back and stomach pain.

How to do Pawanmuktasana?

  • First of all, lie down straight on the ground on your back and remain in a relaxed posture.
  • Breathe slowly and lift both your legs together and bend your knees.
  • Take the knees towards your mouth from the side of the chest and hold the feet tightly with both your hands.
  • Now try to touch your thighs with your stomach.
  • Now touch your nose with your knees, remain in this position for 30 seconds.
  • Now slowly come back to the relaxed posture.
  • This mudra should be done at least 10 times a day, this mudra is a panacea for curing piles.

Mountain pose-
You can also do Parvatasana to reduce the pain of piles. Apart from this, blood circulation remains correct and energy flows throughout the body. Blood circulation improves in all the organs, its practice also improves posture.

How to do ,

  • Sit on a yoga mat in a clean place
  • Slowly keep the toes of both hands and feet on the ground.
  • After this, giving weight on the ground, make your waist triangular shaped.
  • During this, pull your waist as high as possible.
  • Now take a long deep breath in this position and release

Ashwini Mudra Yoga Pose
Ashwini Mudra Yoga pose is also considered very beneficial for piles. It is also called Urja Tala Asana, in this posture the intestines have to be contracted and released. If anyone does this asana regularly, then good results can be seen in piles in a week. In fact, with this mudra, immediate relief can be found in the pain of piles. By doing yoga in this posture, one can get rid of the swelling of piles.

How to do?

  • Sit comfortably at any place in the posture of meditation.
  • Keep both the hands on the knees and normalize the speed of breathing.
  • Now exhale and pull the stomach inward and take the attention to the place of excrement.
  • Pull the Anas muscles upwards and leave them loose.
  • Keep doing this process hope you get relief

Sarvangasana can be of great benefit in the problem of piles. By practicing this asana, the supply of blood goes upwards, due to which the part of the anus becomes passive for some time. It gives relief from easy constipation and activates the digestive system. Apart from this, this posture activates the muscles of the heart and brings pure blood to the heart, removes menstrual problems.

How to do?

  • To practice this asana, first of all lie down on your stomach by laying a mat.
  • Now you slowly raise your legs up, as well as try to raise your waist above the ground.
  • You have to keep both your hands under your back so that you can take support.
  • Now try to straighten your legs, waist and back.
  • Stay in this position for some time and then bend the legs from the knees and return to the same position as before.
  • By doing this asana regularly, you will definitely get benefit in piles.

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