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Use Modicare Cuckoo air purifier to avoid air pollution in winter
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Use Modicare Cuckoo air purifier to avoid air pollution in winter

In the last few years, the demand for air purifiers has increased a lot. People have become aware about air pollution in big cities like Delhi, Mumbai. The level of air pollution is high in the country’s capital and its surrounding areas. Many times in the winter season such situations happen that it becomes difficult to get out of the house without a mask. In view of the increasing air pollution, companies are bringing new air purifiers in the market. India’s direct-selling company Modicare has also launched its new air purifier in collaboration with Korean manufacturer Cuckoo – Modicare Cuckoo (J1510FW). The company has given three-stage air filtration in this air purifier. Let us know in this review how useful this Modicare car air purifier is for you.

As far as air purifier design is concerned, most air purifiers come with a cylindrical design. Due to this design, the performance of the air purifier is good. Modicare Cuckoo Air Purifier comes with a cylindrical body. Round frame has been given to enhance its design. The rounded edges also reduce the risk of injury to small children. The top panel is flat and touch controls are given on it. There are air vents all around the touch panel, through which pure air circulates in your room.

LED lights are also provided in this panel, which change color according to the pollution level. Blue light means the air quality around you is good. When the air quality is in the normal range, the yellow light comes on. By the burning of red light, you will know that the air quality of the room is very bad. You can also turn off these lights, but the power and fan notification LEDs remain on. Filters have been fitted at the rear of the body. By pressing the button given on it, the back cover opens, and the filters can be changed.

Features and Specifications
The performance of any air purifier depends on its Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR). The CADR of Modcare Cuckoo air purifier is 329.23 m3/h. A 3-color air quality sensor has been given in the air purifier. This sensor informs you about the air quality when the air purifier is on. Along with this, UV LED light has been given on the top panel, which keeps the air purifier’s panel clean. Apart from this, a handle has also been given on the top panel. Through this, the air purifier can be easily lifted and moved to another room. The height of this air purifier is 20-inch and it weighs around 5 kg.

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Modicare Cuckoo J1510FW is a semi-smart air purifier. Smart internet connectivity is not provided in it like the advanced and expensive air purifiers present in the market. It works intelligently even without being connected to the internet. An auto mode has been given in it, on which the purifier adjusts the speed of the blower fan according to the air quality. If it senses that the air quality is too bad, then the speed of the blower fan increases. When the air quality is good, the fan speed remains low, which saves electricity and also reduces noise.

Modicare Cuckoo has a 3-layer filtration system. It has a pre-filter, which traps dust and hair. The second is the HEPA filter, which removes up to 99.9% of ultra-fine particles present in the air, keeping the air clean. These ultra-fine particles are up to 0.3 microns, which are not visible to the eyes. The third filter is the activated carbon filter, which removes dangerous gases and odors present in the air. If your bedroom is of medium size then this air purifier can give you bacteria and pollution free air in less than an hour.

All the basic filters have been provided in Modicare Cuckoo Air Purifier, but due to lack of internet connectivity, you cannot operate it smartly. According to the company, its filters can last for 2 years. This air purifier is not as powerful as Dyson and other expensive air purifiers, but in everyday use, 550sq.ft. Good for space till. If your budget is up to Rs 20,000, then this air purifier coming for Rs 18,999 can be a better option.

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