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Use these things present in the kitchen, you will be seen 'young' even at the age of 40
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Use these things present in the kitchen, you will be seen ‘young’ even at the age of 40

Skin Care Tips: Who doesn’t want to look young and beautiful always. To hide their age, some people do makeup, some get surgery, but if you want to avoid all these things and also want to look young, then you can do some natural remedies. You will not even need to go anywhere for this. There are some such items in your kitchen itself, using which you can look 10 years younger than your age. Let us tell you such things, which will make your aging age less.

The secret of beauty is hidden in potatoes

Potato is easily found in every kitchen. Therein lies the secret of beauty. Their use also reduces the effect of age. Vitamin-C, vitamin-B6, phosphorus and zinc are found in sufficient quantity in potatoes. It proves to be a panacea for the face. By applying potato juice on the face (Skin Care Tips), the blemishes are removed and the complexion is also clear.

Eat tomatoes, as old age becomes less

The powerful antioxidant lycopene present in tomatoes protects cells from damage and makes you beautiful and young. Tomato juice helps a lot in making the face fair and glowing. It also protects the face from damage caused by ultraviolet rays. Eating tomato salad every day keeps the glow of the face.

Get beauty from sprouted grains

If you want to control your age, then make a slight change in your diet from today itself. Include sprouted grains in your diet more than you eat. Sprout gram, soybean and moong and eat it every day. Nutrients like vitamins, iron, protein, calcium, and minerals are found in it, which also improves your health and also brings glow on the skin.

Use omega-3 food

To make you look beautiful and young, include omega-3 items like eggs, walnuts, fish in your diet. You will never have wrinkles on your face. Maintains skin tightness. To maintain the glow of your face, drink more water.

Get glow with green tea

You can make green tea a part of your daily routine. It contains plenty of anti-oxidants. Drinking two to three cups of green tea every day removes extra fat. The glow of the face also remains. It always makes you look younger.

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