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Wearing glasses for hours leaves marks on the face, follow these measures
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Wearing glasses for hours leaves marks on the face, follow these measures

Spectacle Marks On The Nose: If you too have glasses on your eyes and hanging them on your face during hours of work leaves marks on your beautiful face, then there is no need to worry about it anymore. Yes, many times you must have noticed that after working with glasses in front of the laptop for hours, there are spots on the skin of your face, due to which your face gradually catches that stain and it takes the form of a scar. Yes, in such a situation you get upset. Let us know about the Home Remedies of Spectacle Marks On The Nose to remove the scars on the face.

use orange peel

Never throw the orange after eating the peel. Yes, it helps in removing the stains made on the face from glasses. Dry the orange peel in the sun and then grind it.
Now make a paste by adding half a teaspoon of milk to a teaspoon of orange peel powder. Now apply this paste on the stained area and wash it after sometime. After doing this continuously for a few days, the stain will start to remove itself.

Use Cucumber

Rub the cucumber slices on the stained area and after a while wash the face with cold water.

use lemon juice

Mix lemon juice in some water and apply it on the stained area with the help of cotton. Wash off with cold water after some time. The mark will gradually fade away.

use almond oil

To remove the traces of the glasses of the nose, apply almond oil on the nose daily before sleeping. With the help of almond oil, it helps to remove blemishes from the face.

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