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What is Black Fungus?  in which the eye has to be removed
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What is Black Fungus? in which the eye has to be removed

Black Fungus Treatment: Kovid-19 wreaked havoc across the country. Cases of Kovid-19 were seen in every house. This virus first caught those people. Whose immune system was very weak. The effect of Kovid did not end in such a way that another disease knocked in the country. Name black fungus. Hundreds of cases of black fungus were seen across the country. This fungus made many people blind. Let us talk today how did this fungus make people’s eyes a victim? Why did people have to remove their eyes?

First understand black fungus
Mucor mycosis is a type of fungal infection, it is a member of moldo group. This type of fungus is commonly seen in rotten bread, fruits and vegetables. It enters people through the breath. Doctors say that this fungus can be in the body of every human being. But the damage only hurts those whose immune system is very weak. During the corona virus era, such people came to the fore, whose immune system was very weak. Corona made him more vulnerable. Black Sundar also went into the body through the air and made those with weak immune systems their victims.

why eye have to be removed
Once the fungus enters the body, it starts spreading in the body like a tree trunk.
First of all, its target is blood vessels. It captures the blood vessels and disrupts the blood supply in the body. For example, if there is an infection through the nose or in the eyes, it will block the supply of blood vessels to the eyes. Apart from this, it also attacks other nerves. Slowly the eyesight starts to fade. The eye gets badly damaged. The doctor has only one option for eye removal.

Who should be more careful?

Fungal infections can be immuno-compromised, meaning people who have weak immunity. Mucormycosis is more dangerous for diabetic patients who are covid infected because the blood sugar level of these patients is considered to be uncontrolled. Steroids are also given in the treatment of covid, which increase the sugar, so these patients also need to be careful.

Common Symptoms of Black Fungus

  • Pain in the face can be an important symptom of black fungus. In this condition, pain is felt around your cheekbone area and there may be swelling on the face.
  • Darkening of the skin around the nose and mouth. An operation may also be needed in this situation. Nasal congestion, bleeding or black fluid coming out of the nose is also a symptom.
  • In some cases, the vision of both the eyes of the patient also goes away.

What is the treatment?

Diagnosis of black fungus becomes imperative as soon as symptoms appear. In this, a biopsy is done by taking a part of the affected part of the body. As a treatment, the affected part of the body may also need to be removed. Anti-fungal medicines are given to the patient. The patient may require these medicines for four to six weeks.

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