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What is Peter Pan Syndrome, know everything about it
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What is Peter Pan Syndrome, know everything about it

Peter Pan Syndrome: Recently, a case related to Peter Pan syndrome came in a special court in Mumbai. The court then granted bail to the accused of sexually abusing the minor because he was suffering from Peter Pan Syndrome. Peter Pan Syndrome is a type of psychological condition in which the victim is immoral. Such people live life carelessly and run away from taking responsibility. 
Where did the term ‘Peter Pan syndrome’ come from
Symptoms of Peter Pan Syndrome
  • childish or not behaving properly for one’s age.
  • People with this syndrome often want to be friends with people younger than themselves. 
  • Always depend on others and are constantly troubled by their behavior or ways.
  • Refusal to obey others, afraid to take any responsibility.
  • Such people cannot be trusted about their commitments in any relationship or work. They are afraid to make promises and sometimes go back on promises.
  • Being less responsible for work or financial management. Always give priority to personal interests.
  • People with this disease are afraid of loneliness, so often try to surround themselves with people who can meet their needs.
  • Such people often blame others for their mistake or wrongdoing.
  • Parental hypersensitivity has been seen as a major cause of this syndrome.
  • Sometimes parents do not allow their children to become independent and this situation prevents them from facing problems alone.
Cure for Peter Pan Syndrome
  • A person suffering from this syndrome should not be given unnecessary help or support.
  • They should be taught to help as well as to help, to make them feel that they are growing up.
  • Try to develop positive thinking or energy in them.
  • Help them become self dependent.
  • If needed, the help of counseling and therapy can also be taken with experts in this regard.
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