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What is the meaning of 'golden hour' during heart attack, this information is very important, if you do not know then know
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What is the meaning of ‘golden hour’ during heart attack, this information is very important, if you do not know then know

Heart Attack Golden Hour: There are some things related to our body and health about which it is very important for us to be aware. Many times people get very serious problems due to lack of information about important things. The ‘Golden Hour’ related to heart attack is a word that everyone needs to know about because it is related to our health. Through this article, we will tell you what is the meaning of ‘Golden Hour’-

What is ‘Golden Hour’

The first hour after a heart attack is called the ‘Golden Hour’. This time has been considered very important for the health of the heart attack patient. If a person who has had a heart attack gets the right treatment during this time, then his life can be saved. Since this one hour means a lot in terms of the health of the patient, that is why it was called the ‘Golden Hour’.

Causes of heart attack-

Our heart is supplied with blood through arteries. Sometimes that supply gets interrupted due to blood clotting or any other reason. Due to this a person gets a heart attack. In the initial condition of heart attack, it is necessary for the patient to get the right treatment on time, especially in the first one hour i.e. golden hour.

Less chance of heart attack with better routine-

Many cases of heart attack are seen today. The reason for this is bad and stressful routine. That is why it is important to take great care of your diet and routine. If the routine and eating habits are right, then health problems like heart attack will not explode even nearby. Apart from this, doctor’s advice and regular checkup should also be done from time to time.

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