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What things will benefit in asthma and what things do harm, know
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What things will benefit in asthma and what things do harm, know

Food Not To Eat In Asthma: Asthma ie asthma patient has to take great care of diet and lifestyle. The patient’s life comes in trouble due to slight negligence. Nowadays children are also getting affected by asthma at a very young age. Increasing pollution and weak immunity are becoming the reason for this. However, if food is taken according to your health, it can be controlled to a great extent. Asthma patients should include some such things in the diet, which are beneficial, while there is also a need to be cautious about some things. This can increase the difficulties of asthma patients. Let us know what kind of diet should an asthma patient take and what should be avoided.

Beneficial foods for asthma patients

1- Pulses- Eating pulses is good for health. Due to this, the body gets plenty of protein. Asthma patients can eat moong dal, soybean, black gram and other pulses. Lungs become strong by eating lentils. Asthma patient must eat 1 bowl of pulses daily.
2- Green vegetables- If you have asthma, eat more green vegetables. By eating green vegetables, phlegm does not accumulate in the lungs and the body gets all the vitamins. This reduces the risk of having an asthma attack. Green vegetables are also good for the intestine and lungs.
3- Vitamin-C- Asthma patient should include things rich in Vitamin C in the diet. It provides rich anti-oxidants, which make the lungs safe. Eating vitamin C reduces the risk of asthma attack.
4- Honey Cinnamon- Asthma patient should take honey and cinnamon. It benefits. Taking 2-3 pinches of cinnamon mixed with honey while sleeping every night provides relief in the lungs.
5- Basil- Asthma patient should take Tulsi. Due to this the body gets anti-oxidants. Drinking tulsi leaves in tea daily benefits the asthma patient. Eating basil strengthens the immune system. This reduces the risk of seasonal diseases.

Asthma patients should not consume these things
Asthma patient should not eat wheat, egg, soy, papaya, banana, sugar, rice and curd in food. Asthma patients should not eat too much fried things. These people should avoid cold things.

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