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Why was Saba Ibrahim forced to leave the luxury lifestyle and live in a small town in UP?
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Why was Saba Ibrahim forced to leave the luxury lifestyle and live in a small town in UP?

Youtuber Saba Ibrahim: Renowned YouTuber Saba Ibrahim is living her life in a small town of UP, leaving her lavish life away from Mumbai. It has been 2 months of marriage and why is Saba living such a life with her husband Khalid, away from the hustle and bustle of Mumbai and the luxury lifestyle. So let us tell you that Saba Ibrahim’s in-laws house is in Maudha of UP. Saba has shared a new vlog, in which she has gone on a walk after two months of marriage and is spending quality time with her family in her father-in-law’s house.

Deepika Kakkar’s sister-in-law Saba Ibrahim remains in the limelight for one reason or the other. She had married Sunny (Khalid) two months ago, now Saba has gone to her in-laws house i.e. Maidha in UP. Fans are also eager to know small and big things about his personal life. Dipika Kakar’s sister-in-law and Shoaib Ibrahim’s dear sister Saba Ibrahim is a YouTuber and has more than 2.64 million subscribers on her channel.

Why does Saba Ibrahim wear hijab?

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It is known that earlier Saba Ibrahim did not wear hijab, but now she is always seen in hijab. In such a situation, the same question arises in everyone’s mind that why she wears hijab. There is a very funny story behind Saba’s wearing hijab. Saba himself had disclosed about this. He said that when Kovid came 2 years ago, we all remember God, in such a situation, we used to pray by covering our heads.

During that time, it came to Saba’s mind that when we remember God by covering our heads in difficult times or during Ramzan. Why can’t we always do this? This was the thinking of Saba, because of which she started wearing hijab. Now she always keeps her head covered. However, in the recent vlog, she is wearing a black jacket and is seen looking at the crops in the fields.

Married with Khalid in November last year

Saba Ibrahim married Khalid Niaz on November 6 last year with much fanfare. Many pictures of this couple’s marriage went viral on social media. Saba does blogging even after sight. Although Saba started her YouTube channel in 2017 itself, but from 2020 she became active on it. Saba and Khalid have done love marriage. Actually these two have dated each other for 6 years before marriage.

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