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Yes World Token Launches Utility Services in 80 Countries
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Yes World Token Launches Utility Services in 80 Countries

YES WORLD Token: Utility Services of Yes World Token are now available in 80 countries. YES WORLD announced on Friday (December 16) to members of the global community that the YES WORLD token is being adopted worldwide and sees thousands of new YES WORLD token holders every day. YES WORLD is launching an online platform where users will be able to use YES WORLD token and will be able to avail YES cryptocurrency for their regular purchases for products and services.

The online platform is available in more than 80 countries. With this latest announcement, YES WORLD token holders now have the option to not only hold the token for the price hike, but also to use it for various utility and utility services available in their respective countries. .

This is Yes World’s plan regarding cryptocurrency

A recent study conducted across 22 countries indicated that 56% of consumers globally are more likely to transact with merchants that accept crypto. While other research conducted with 202 merchants with an online annual turnover of over $250 million indicates that 46% of merchants currently accept cryptocurrency as payment. With such a huge interest from both consumers and merchants, Yes World is bringing the much needed part to facilitate payment acceptance with cryptocurrencies.

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Features of Yes World Token

Consumers of YES WORLD utility services can redeem the coupons on all kinds of platforms, online and offline. There are many merchants who are directly accepting YES WORLD tokens at POS terminals installed at physical stores. To make payment using the token, users need to scan the bar-code presented at the checkout at the POS terminal. As per information, the integration work is underway to onboard leading e-commerce companies, where users will soon be able to shop online using YES WORLD token as a payment mode.

Just last week, Yes World informed that it plans to hire 600 people globally for merchant on-boarding, technology upgradation, support functions, as well as new innovations. It plans to onboard 10 million merchant establishments worldwide, where the native token will be accepted for payments, ahead of the global launch on April 24, 2024. YES WORLD Token is the leading utility token and it is experiencing good traction in the past few months.

The expanding business of Yes World

Launched in 2022, YES WORLD token is trading on several leading centralized exchanges including and as well as on the decentralized exchange- PancakeSwap. Yes World plans to onboard over 50 leading crypto exchanges ahead of the global launch. According to CoinMarketCap data, Yes World Token has high confidence on most of the trading pairs which indicates that there is a good amount of liquidity as well as trading volume. CoinGecko, another leading crypto marketplace, shows that YES WORLD has 15 trading pairs across 4 exchanges.

Yes World’s Save Earth campaign

Judging by this data, Yes World is growing rapidly and looks like the team behind the token is quite agile and is actively listening and addressing customer demands. YES WORLD Token is operated by YES WORLD Climate Tech Pte Ltd based in Singapore. It is a climate tech blockchain-based startup working on green technology to reduce carbon footprint. This is the native token of SAVE EARTH of Yes World. It is conceptualized to create awareness about the global warming challenges to bring the critical mass to join the mission and take steps towards reducing the carbon footprint from the atmosphere.

YES WORLD has been conceptualized by SAVE EARTH activist Dr. Sandeep Chowdhary, who has been relentlessly working to create awareness about the effects of global warming and climate change. Under the vision and leadership of Dr. Chowdhary, Yes World has done a noble cause of reducing the carbon footprint and bringing the issue of global warming and climate change to the fore. Yes World is currently in soft launch and is planning one of the biggest Airdrop campaigns starting from 23/3/2023, followed by a major global launch on 24th April, 2024. More than 50 major crypto exchanges will be enrolled before the global launch.

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